A New Year, A New 6foot2 !

5 Jan, 2024
written by Six Foot Two
A New Year, A New 6foot2 !


As we get started with 2024, we would like to wish all West Ham supporters a Happy New Year! Let’s hope we can keep up the results through to the end of the season. Who would have thought we would enter the year in sixth place after the Premier League form of last season.

We would like to take this opportunity to update on 6foot2 developments, which has been low on activity during the past few weeks. The new year felt like the perfect time to reset and you may have already noticed the website is changing.

When we started 6foot2, we did not intend to be an out and out news site, but somewhere along the way that’s what we became. So, going forward we won’t be creating news articles ourselves. Instead, to help quench the thirst for West Ham news we are collating news stories from all the great (and not so great) content providers out there, so that you can view all your West ham news in one place. A bit like newsnow, but better presented, faster, without the adverts, and with an excerpt view that enables you to see the beginning of the article.

We’re also extending that idea to Youtube videos and podcasts by collating them into one place too. By selecting these pages from the menus at the top and on the home page you can get immediate access to all the latest content from a multitude of excellent West Ham content providers. Basically, everything West Ham through a centralised hub.

We will continue to blog, but less occasionally than the news was provided. Blogs will include opinions and some historical articles, as well as bringing back some of the features of old from ADHammer, which includes updates on the barometer. We also welcome any blog articles from members.

6foot2 thanks Sean for all his hard work in bringing us the news during recent months, even if he did sometimes deliver it in his unique way. Regardless of how he is received, he is a West Ham news machine and he put a great deal of effort in without reward from us. He is continuing to spread the word through his twitter account.

So, a new year, a new us! We hope you enjoy the new 6foot2 – onwards and upwards!




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