Away day round up at City

5 May, 2023
written by Sean Whetstone

by Richard Dodds (aka Doddsy) 

Alright my Ansomesssss howwwwsssss uuussseeeee ddooooiiinnngggg

well off we go again this time up north haven’t been for a few months thank God but it is the history-making making game that is Man City away. Where Erland Haaland will make history as being the top goalscorer in one season and we still have five or six games to go or 20% of the season.
the man is a machine, but if were lucky, Kehrer will be playing at the back, so we will only have to wait 10 minutes before that happens

anyway, as my friend was recovering from being manhandled by the police horse and all my other friends were at work or couldn’t be bothered. I was making the journey up to Manchester on my well until Worcester where I picked up Mr Williams, who was gracing me with his presence by attending again, a man who only two years ago hadn’t missed many games for 10 years now hasn’t been to many games in 10 months

anyway, I stop at the services for a coffee and of course, a McDonald’s chicken wrap grilled not crispy to save on the calories for beers later. You know it makes sense. It’s all about balance saw I arrive in Manchester at about 5.30

parking at Mr Williams daughters boyfriends flat meant we could catch a tram to the stadium. I know they say the north is a bit behind the times but they still have trams. Don’t forget I was born in Sheffield so I can do northern stereo. Typical jokes, unlike Nigel Kahn impressions of me

Anyway onto the stadium and great to know all the police stewards and away fans wanted to know how the horse whisperer Ian Kemo was rumour has it the horse was called Dicanio as the way Ian went down was like Allcock the ref

Well half-time nil-nil wow, ake that however, the city fans, the new breed are absolute bell ends the old guys used to respect us but this lot of horrible horrible people I’m glad we don’t have money if that’s what it does to you

Haaland hats off, well he is a great player in a great team. We applauded him because we are class

When the game finished, the Man City players even did a guard of honour to see him off the pitch we applauded the West Ham players who came over to us to thank us for the journey up.

On the way home,  the M6 four lanes were closed to one because someone was changing a lightbulb on both sides of the road and then when we got to Stoke four lanes were down to one again and sent us off to stoke

The mighty Mr Williams and I arrived home dropping him at 2 o’clock in the morning and me at 4 o’clock, why you ask yourself because it’s in the blood, and would we do it again tomorrow, of course, we would, but onto Man United now rarely do I say this, but I wanna smash those little fuckers up to get the three points we need for safety and then move on to the European games and of course, as always, and with more venom Brady out out out



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