David Moyes – The End Of An Era

23 May, 2024
written by Nigel Kahn

David Moyes – The End Of An Era


With the defeat to Man City being the last game of David Moyes’s era at West Ham, it is only now that we can fully judge his stats against those who came before him and his impact on the club. 

When he arrived at the club, he gave a press conference in which he claimed, “Winning, It’s what I do.” But how well did he do?

Moyes managed West Ham for 262 games, of which 198 were in the Premier League, 37 in European competitions, 16 in the F.A Cup and 11 in the League Cup.

The totals above are across both terms as manager.


Moyes’s Premier League total of 198 games managed is a significant achievement, placing him second in the Premier League era list. Only Harry Redknapp, with 269 games, stands ahead of him.

Allardyce is the only other manager to go past 100 games with 114.That said, Moyes only stands 7th out of 17 in the all-time league games managed list. (not including caretakers).

In the 198 games, West Ham won 73, which gives him a win percentage of 37%. His predecessor Pellegrini had a 35% win record, Billic managed 34%, and Allardyce had only 30%.

Grant 18%
Zola 27%
Curbishley 37%
Pards 36%
Redknapp 35%
Bonds 30%
Roeder 31%

Moyes’s win record is the best for the number of games he managed compared to Curbs, who achieved the same win ratio but on far fewer games.  Moyes’s first two seasons were short, as he was brought in both times to replace the managers when the club were battling relegation. 

When you look at the four seasons Moyes managed fully, from 2020/21 to 23/24, his win ratio is even better. He won 60 games out of 152, giving him 39.5%.

For those old enough to remember the days before football was re-invented in 1992, how do Moyes’s win stats compare to those of West Ham management giants Greenwood and Lyall?

Ron Greenwood managed 550 league games, winning 182, which gives him a win ratio of just 33%. John Lyall managed 498 league games, winning 172 and achieving 34.5%. Lyall’s stats are for top-flight league games only; I have not included the 146 games played in Division 2 under him. 


Only three West Ham managers have won a major trophy; I don’t include the War Cup. Greenwood, Lyall and now Moyes.  Six managers have managed us in European competition, with Greenwood Lyall & Moyes all reaching a European Final.

Billic had ten games, though one occurred with him in the stands as he had only been appointed that day. Four victories, all in the Europa League, gives him a 40% win ratio.

Pardew lost both of his games in the UEFA Cup to Palermo, leaving Harry Redknapp as the other manager. He achieved six wins in his ten games, a 60% ratio. 

Greenwood & Lyall both managed for 15 games and both in the Cup Winners Cup tournament. Greenwood won 8 of his games, Lyall 7. Greenwood has 53%, Lyall 46%

That leaves just Moyes. The only West Ham manager to manage in three European Tournaments, He had 37 games in charge, of which we won 26.That gives him a massive 70% win ratio. 


Moyes has a healthy 50% win ratio in this tournament, winning 8 out of 16 games.  Lyall managed a 49% ratio, winning 29 out of 59 games. Greenwood won 18 out of 37, which gave him 48%. Only Alan Pardew, who won 8 of his 14 games in the F.A Cup, has a better win ratio than David Moyes with 57%. 

So, Moyes’s bold claim of “winning, it’s what I do” seems to have some credence. He never walked in and claimed he would play in a certain style, and he often spoke about how he wanted to play to win. Entertainment would play second fiddle to winning for him, and while that ultimately led to his parting of the ways with the club, he does walk out with his head held high.

 League position is another statistic that shows that Moyes outperforms those who came before him. In his four full seasons, Moyes has an average finishing position of 9th in the table. 

The Only West Ham manager to have a top-ten position as an average finishing place. No West Ham manager has ever lost his job after consistently finishing high and winning a trophy. 

Moyes has the highest goals-per-game ratio since Ron Greenwood, with 1.46 goals per game. He did, though, concede an average of 1.53 per game, but that is equal to Pellegrini and Roeder’s teams. Billic faired worse 

Moyes is now the benchmark for judging future managers’ results; he is a hard act to follow because of his success, but it is possible that the next manager can achieve more and do it in a way that unites the fans after the divides that occurred in certain circles on social media. 

If I were asked to give Lopetegui any advice prior to his starting his career with us, it would be simple. Achieve Moyes’s results, but do it in the way Redknapp played football. If he can do that, he will surpass Moyes.

At the moment, though, like the way he played or not, Moyes now stands with Greenwood & Lyall as the club’s greatest managers. 


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  1. That’s a very good break down Mr Khan, of irrefutable facts although, I notice you have used the total number of league games for all your calculations except the average league position.

    My thoughts are the numbers can never really explain what went wrong from Jeremy Ngakia all the way through to Ben Johnson or that, even though he started well the second time, victory became the only justification for setting up the team as he did.

    I also wonder if those percentages would alter if all West Ham mangers were judged against their contemporaries, rather than history ?


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