Doddsy Away Day Bournemouth

24 Apr, 2023
written by Nigel Kahn


Alright my Ansomesssss howwwwsssss uusssseeeeeeeee ddoooooinnnngggg

So,after recovering from Thursday night, which is up there in my top five games at the London Stadium,
but it still didn’t surpass Seville or the first time Chelsea came to our ground
but it was bloody spectacular
Saw me attend a proper local game along with Southampton which makes it an easy trip but more importantly will see me home for 6 o’clock. I left home at 8:30 so nice short day

Up the A303 and along the south coast to the beautiful seaside town of Bournemouth with a capacity of under 12,000, but with 72 points, I managed to scrape a ticket

On board with fellow hammers who were going via hospitality in the Bournemouth end, Paul, Mike and Millie were great company along with Paul’s granddaughter We reminisced about our European journeys, and of course, Arsenal and Gent. This helps the journey go a lot quicker.

Parking right next to the ground for a pound was another bonus, and then on to a local pub mellor mellor when it comes to drinking pre game this was one of the better ones hands down

Into the game and of course at 3 o’clock. The alarm bells were ringing, but for a change it wasn’t due to West Ham‘s performance it was Tottenham getting battered everywhere they go
Oh no sorry It was the governments emergency alerts going off
But to fair the government announced that Tottenham fans were exempt from the warning, as they had a major catastrophe on their hands on their own

Absolutely fantastic atmosphere, which of course is generated by the fact that West Ham scored two goals in the first 12 minutes and cracking songs which included
Follow follow, follow the Brazilian magnifico
Whos the wanker with the drum?
One more year, Declan one more year
You only drum when we tell you
He only kicked a cat
The drummer is a hammer
And of course, we’re all going on a European tour

Now let’s break it down Antonio’s first goal like Arsenal great header
Paquetas goal wow
Declan Rice, go to into world-class goals
But Pablo fornals take a Bow
What a goal that raced across the goal line at 2 miles an hour, but the audacity of the Spanish wizard to even attempt something like that is unreal

Now while we’re on the subject Paqueta is it just me but does this Brazilian genius just get better and better and better I want a DNA test he’s not Brazilian he’s Argentinian. He scores goals and kick the shit out of anybody in his way.

Unfortunately, this run of games 10 of them with only one defeat means the serious question is how the hell do we get rid of David Moyes at the end of the season. When he wins the conference league keeps us in 12 and gives us European football for the third year in a row Now there is a conundrum

But let’s be honest what a conundrum that is the last eight days have been absolutely unbelievable, and if you were to write a script for Ted Lasso, they would say it was too far-fetched, but we know it’s all true because we have lived every second of it

Wednesday, brings the bin dippers so look up your cars, secure your wallets and bring your singing voices because if we beat Liverpool we are safe, but more importantly than that
as always, the most important thing is

Brady out out out

Brady out out out


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  1. It was a Lovely day out for Millie Dolly and myself thanks for the Transport Doddsy COYI


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