Doddsy Away Day Gent Part 1

13 Apr, 2023
written by Nigel Kahn

Alright my Ansomesssss howwwwsssss uusssseeeeeeeee ddoooooinnnngggg

So we all love a European away day as you know, and here comes another one European away days. I’ll like London buses. Wait for ages for one, and then loads of them turned up at the same time 😂

Anyway, a bit of a different route, obviously up from the Southwest coast to Folkestone into the Euro-tunnel duty-free shop and then onward and upward on the train with my car into France

However, whilst waiting in the queue of cars to board the train, a 60 foot Seagull decided to perch his feet on my bonnet as one of the lads was eating a porkpie. It was a like a scene from Alfred Hitchcock the birds they thought it was funny to throw the pork pie on the bonnet to watch the Segal pack the shit out of the front of my car me I was not to amused

I was less amused when I looked in the back of my car and saw the twats and dropped the chocolate. Swiss rolls on the floor, and it looked like a chimps party had taken place

Anyway all the way up to Belgium three ten packs in the boot a big enough picnic to supply Most of the modern world and great company with Ian Norman and Damian meant we arrived in Gent at 3 o’clock their time having left home at 4:30 in the morning

Once we found our motel via a pitstop in Pizza Hut, who charged us half a euro for the use of their toilets ( Another reason we shouldn’t have left Europe. Thanks Brexit ) check-in completed with modern technology meant my phone was no my hotel room key which is always are we made our way via taxi into the middle of Ghent to meet up with all the other West Ham lads.

Obviously plenty of beer was drunk and the lowest alcohol was 7% for a beer. The funny comment was when someone said if you drink that beer you are currently drinking it is 14%, which is more alcohol than is in a bottle of wine so if you have 2 pints of that you’re technically drinking 2 pints of wine which probably explains later in the evening when we were all totally pissed out of our heads

Via the Irish bar and a few other pubs we made our way to an eating establishment where at 7:30. We met two anderlect fans who had messaged me over the last few years and thanked us for the brilliant time they had had with us at their ground
They brought three home tickets for the lads who are with us to get into the game which just goes to show how fantastic people can be and what a brilliant family We are and as you know everywhere we go in Europe. The people in the towns are just fantastic to us and we respect their hospitality.

As it was starting to get quite messy, we thought it was time for a Burger King as most of the people including us could hardly stand up. We thought this was the time to head for home, as Guess what,
Thursday we can do it all again and watch a game and realise how massive West Ham are.

Another Brucie bonus was watching Chelsea lose which is always good, but here’s to an away win to the mighty irons. More reports to follow with pictures in tow, bon voyage.

Brady out out out


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