Doddsy awayday in Holland

18 May, 2023
written by Sean Whetstone

By Richard Dodds

Alright my Ansomesssss howwwwsssss uuussseeeee ddooooiiinnngggg

Well, another European tour beckons one of many and this is why I say to you all I know David Moyes is a complete and utter ginger prick but fuck me, he gives me the best days of my life

So we leave Taunton apparently at 11:30 in my world but as I’ve been messing around all day making sure the dog is okay and I have done my chores for the wife to make her happy because I am on another European tour. I realise now the bus leaves at 11:15 and I am walking 45 minutes and I’ve left it a little bit late so a bit of a stomp to get to the bus on time.

But on time, I make it, with four cans of beer in my bag, we sit waiting for the bus drinking four cans, and then we buy four more cans from the Esso petrol station to drink on the bus,

Only for the bus driver to say I know you’ve got beer and you’re not allowed to drink it, on this bus

oh well, we will sit in the airport car park drinking four more beers

In to the airport, and it is an absolute breeze, we are through the other side in 25 minutes to guess what drink more beer

Not many West Fans here other than Dave and his mate who works at the airport and about 15 to 20 other West Ham fans
so it’s a quick journey where we board the plane very quickly and guess what we drink more beer. Well, we are on the European tour, and West Ham is why we drink

Arriving at Amsterdam airport within 55 minutes, sees glorious sunshine greet us The airport has a train station right underneath it so we hop on the train straight into Amsterdam central and check my bags into the hotel ibis £180 for two nights because let’s be fair. The hotel prices are ridiculous, but it is what it is
Off out into the town. I went to get a phone call from the lad who is sharing the room with me and his mate to find out their flight had been cancelled so I now have three single beds all to myself

Or an into the pubs were plainclothes. Police tried to mix in with us but to no avail, singing loud and proud, and this is only the start to tomorrow which is going to be a fun day. I know I’m going to wake up with one massive headache, but of course, I will need to get straight back out on it, and of course, you know what’s coming more beers and a day in Amsterdam what could go wrong this is only day one, and of course, I will update you in days coming but until then

Brady out out out


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