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Doddsy Euro Road Trip, Lyon 2

14 Apr, 2022
written by Nigel Kahn

Doddsys Awayday round up part two on our quarter-final Tour

Alright my ansomessssss howsssss useeeeee doingggggg

Well after arriving at Lyon airport at 3 o’clock I did wonder what the point of bringing my Covid vaccination certificate and passenger locator form for France was,
as the border control had no interest in looking at anybody’s which did make me chuckle

Thanks to the three West Ham fans Neil Ed and Gus I managed to share an Uber into the town straight to my hotel which saved me a bit of coin and that is always welcome

Bag dropped,A quick shower and it was off to a karaoke club on the outskirts of the town to grab some food and the obvious beers.
two hours of singing and drinking got us in the mood and back to town we went

Once in town we made our way to the old district and a pub called the King William where there was about 500 West Ham fans singing there hearts out

It all started to be a big game of hide and seek as everyone was talking about Lyon fans in the area coming our way.
This but never materialised and as it got to 9 o’clock it was clear the police had ordered for all the bars in the area to be closed down
due to advise that Lyon were going to come our way

With people drifting away we made our way to the smokeing Dog
where again there was about 400 West Ham fans singing their hearts out but no sign of any Lyon Fans

As I write this I currently have no reports of any trouble
West Ham fans were well-behaved where I was,but match day is going to be very interesting
headed back to the hotel at 12:30am
well I had been up for 22 hours so it seemed the right thing to do

The great news is as of today we are still in the quarter-final and we are still sixth in the league

And As always

Brady out




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