Doddsy’s Arsenal Home RoundUp

12 Feb, 2024
written by Doddsy

Doddsy’s Arsenal Home RoundUp



Well another London Derby, Arsenal at home, so I set off at 6:30 in the morning. I felt we were we going to do the treble over Declan Rice and more importantly, I just had a feeling we were going to put in a great performance and actually see Phillips have one of his best ever games.

He hasn’t been rubbish, but he has made some mistakes which is clearly down to him being a little bit rusty, which always seems a bit bizarre to me. I mean, he’s not a youngster is he, and he has been training with Man City week in week out.

Maybe that’s the problem for Phillips. At Man City they probably pass the ball to within half a foot of where it needs to be, whereas maybe West Ham pass it to within 5 foot of where it needs to be. This is something he will need to adjust to for sure.

It’s good for us to get back to the London Stadium and really play our part in disrupting Arsenal’s title challenge – or so I thought when I set off optimistically at 6:30, not knowing what disaster was about to happen. Although, upon reflection, it is fair to say we have played a part in the title race.

It was the normal journey, as I always say to you, up the A303, past Stonehenge to Kew, pick up some beers and make my way to the London Stadium, down by the Podium Bar. I had been looking forward to it being reopened, as it has been closed since before Christmas. But all the posters saying it would be open were a false Dawn.

To be fair, after the Man United journey, where we ended up picking up five stranded West Ham fans who had broken down on the hard shoulder at Stoke, this journey was a doddle.

I was meeting a friend called Russell from America, who used to go to school with me and I haven’t seen for over 40 years. An Arsenal fan sadly, but was coming to the game as he hasn’t seen them for years and couldn’t get a ticket to see them at the Emirates, which is bizarre. Well, unfortunately, he certainly picked the right game to come to.

So, for the first 30 minutes we held our own and I actually thought this isn’t going to be too bad. However, it was clear once the first goal went in that West Ham players heads dropped, and they have to take accountability for that, but before I go on, this defeat sits firmly with Sullivan and Moyes, even if the players need to look at themselves too.

I do believe our two previous wins over Arsenal this season, especially the last one at Christmas where we beat them 2-0, played a part in this outcome. As soon as Arsenal scored the first goal, the pressure was released and their players just grew and grew into the game, where our players confidence drained.

Fans left in their thousands at half time and fair play to them, they pay the money for the ticket, so can do what they want. No complaints there. As for Declan Rice scoring a goal, I actually think I saw him apologise for scoring it, and for me he muted the celebration. Having said that, he did celebrate the two goals he set up. It’s a difficult one. I feel Rice did show us respect, but it doesn’t make it any easier when we are 6-0 down.

One thing I would say, and I hold nothing against Aaron Cresswell, but if Cresswell was the answer as a substitute, I don’t know what the bloody question was! If you can’t put youngsters into a fire pit, surely you can put them in when you are four nil down at half time, with nothing to lose!

Six to nine months ago, I was quite happy to think that under David Moyes we don’t get battered anymore. However, this year we have lost conceding five to Fulham and Liverpool, 6-0 to Arsenal, 4-1 to Villa, and last week we got beaten 3-0 by Man United. So, unfortunately David Moyes, it isn’t working!

Maybe, just maybe, the fans need to change the super David Moyes lyrics to:

We’ve got fucking David Moyes
He really hasn’t got a clue
Everyone at the back
No one in attack
We’re gonna win fuck all this year

As always Brady OUT, but a special mention this week for Moyes and Sullivan OUT!


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