Doddsy’s Brentford Homeday RoundUp

27 Feb, 2024
written by Doddsy

Doddsy’s Brentford Homeday RoundUp



Well, from a wind-swept Taunton, and a flooded south-west, to the London Stadium, which is probably just as much of a disaster zone at the moment. From David Moyes and his “I’ve got a contract I just need to sign it”, to the disastrous results of the last few weeks. What could possibly go wrong I hear you ask.

Fortunately, not the journey up. A delightful journey, as there was only three of us today in a car, so it was quicker, and I still had the chance to drink some Miguel beer all the way up.

It’s weird now when you come into Westfield and you understand how much development has happened in the last 15 years over here, including the goldfish bowl, which is our stadium. Talking of development, all the bars were full with people eating after their day of shopping, which was about to be interrupted by the West Ham fans making our way over to the London Stadium. The question on everyone’s lips was how full would the stadium be? As there were still about 15,000 tickets available on ticket exchange.

Interestingly the podium bar has now reopened after a refurbishment, which I can confirm must’ve taken them about 20 minutes to complete. Who am I to criticise? Let’s hope it will grow, as it’s a good place to meet. Although at £6.50 a pint, I’m not too sure they are going to tempt people in from the outside, when we all know they drink from cans of beer, four-packs that they probably buy just down the road for £8  – you do the maths!

Anyway, one thing is for certain, the stadium always looks awesome when you walk towards it. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said once you get inside of it and I’m not talking about the facilities, I mean the standard of performance. For David Moyes to say he has a new contract, and then throw Lucas Paqueta into the mix, who we all know is only 80% fit, stinks of desperation in my view. Even if he was later the catalyst for a great performance.

I am trying not to sound like Claret and Booze, although I must say they really do give me a good laugh and are really are worth a watch on YouTube.  If you haven’t watched them already, Nick Gary, John and Mickey always make you laugh, even though they are exploding all over the place. When Nick found out that David Moyes had a new contract, he tried to stay calm but it didn’t last for long, it never does with Nick!

Anyway, into the stadium and onto the game what a pleasure to meet my official historian of West Ham – Nigel Khan – if you ever need to know anything about West Ham history, he is your man (He runs the website, so I had to get that plug in). I bought him a pint and got a shock, as he actually bought me one back!

So, who saw that performance coming, especially that first 5 to 10 minutes, not me. I still think it’s time to say thank you very much and goodbye to David Moyes at the end of the year. However, imagine the conundrum, if, and that is a massive if because Liverpool and Brighton are still in the draw, we won the Europa league and got Champions League football next year, wow that would be a dilemma!

When you let the shackles off the players and let them do what they do best, it’s amazing what happens. It’s very hard to pick a man of the match, Areola was class again and has got to be up there for player of the season. It would be unfair to pick out any negatives during the game, because there are always going to some mistakes, but Lucas, Kudus, JWP,  Dino, Bowen, Coufal, Emerson, and dare I even say Soucek, all had 8+ out of 10 performances for me.

I was lucky enough to be behind Emerson when he hit that ball, and for two seconds the stadium went silent, in awe of what we had just witnessed, and then it exploded. What a night, what a performance, and what a result!

Someone once said that ‘goals are fun’ and how they were. A little altercation, between that little shit Maupay and Kevin Nolan, could not take the gloss off of a great night’s entertainment. Maupay is one of those annoying little players, who always seems to score against us. I’ll be honest with you, I spent a lot of the game looking at Ivan Tony,  and I can see what all the fuss is about. He is a quality striker, and works his bollocks off for the team. Maybe he’ll be the missing part of the jigsaw for Arsenal next season, as we all know they’ll win fuck all this season.

And so, on to Everton, wouldn’t it be nice if we took three points. Those four points they have been given back for Financial Fair Play has instigated absolute meltdown and the Premier League is in carnage over it. Nobody knows what’s going on, but for once we don’t have to give a fuck, for once we are now officially safe from relegation.

Europe has been booked. Germany here I come, the good times are back on. Well, until next Saturday when we come crashing down to earth, because that’s the West Ham way.

As always, Brady out! Brady out! Brady out!  Also, come on West Ham ticket office, tell us the details for getting the ticket for Frieberg – time is running out!


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