Doddsy’s Everton Awayday RoundUp

3 Mar, 2024
written by Doddsy

Doddsy’s Everton Awayday RoundUp



Well, another game up north arrives and an early start again – 6-45am. The games are going to come thick and fast in March, but never mind – I’m off to Germany on Wednesday 🥹.

Off we set in the famous Dawson mini bus. All of us were in good spirits, talking, eating and, of course drinking. Then, all of a sudden, we noticed half a foot of snow on the roads and figured this was going to be an interesting day!

We encountered the usual dramas all the way up, including piss stops galore, but it didn’t dampen the day (excuse the pun). We arrived via Knotty Ash (for the older readers that was the home of Ken Dodd, what a great name, well minus the S) at a pub 20 minutes from the ground, which was organised by a good friend who’s family owned the pub, so free parking – result!

The walk in the rain was ok and we hit the fan zone for a top up of beer. The chatter was all about whether this would be our last visit to Goodison, in other words if Everton were relegated, and whether we would steal three of the four points they had just got back. Into the ground and I was in row Q at the back of the top tier, not the best view but it is what it is. The food and beer prices have increased, still cheaper than the bowl, but 20% dearer than previous visits.

On to the game, an average first half with both teams playing good football in there own two thirds of the pitch, but no penetration up front by either in the the last third. We all called the Zouma hand ball as soon as it happened, so why the ref needed VAR god only knows. A great save from Areola, although that was followed by another VAR check to see whether his feet had been off the line – no chance, play on!

Nil-all at half time was probably a fair reflection on balance. As usual, you could see our hooliganism police watching Andy Sheldon prowling around as an Everton fan, I thought he would keep a low profile, but clearly not! It was unusual not to concede in the first ten minutes of the second half…..oh wait, they scored in the first 11 minutes, so things don’t change give or take a minute.

Now don’t get me wrong, we were not shit, and some of the pass and move we played was really good. Emerson, Paqueta and Kudus linked up well, Coufal backheels, and Alvarez, a good a version of Rice as a DM, all played well. BUT, if it wasn’t for Areola we could have been five down. He is up there with Pac-man and Alvarez for player of the season in my mind!

So, Zooooooma redeemed himself with a great set piece goal, followed by a worldy from Tomas Soucek. Take a bow Tomas, on Sunday Claret and Booze won’t be putting a donkey on your head in their player ratings. Then, as if by magic, Alvarez had a 100 meter race with Bowen and the football, with 9 blue shirts chasing them. No panic in front of goal, it wasn’t Antonio with time to think, it was Alvarez, and he chipped the ball over that annoying dickhead Pickford! What a dick he is, but in fairness also a great goalie 😡.

And as they say, after the third goal, the crowd went wild, well not the Everton fans who had all but left already.

What a great journey home, we celebrated all the way, just like we did after Burnley (although a better  performance). We came, we saw, and like stereotypical scousers, we robbed the three points.

So, home I got to pack my bags for Germany, I will be flying from Gatwick to Basel and then getting a train up to Frieberg, see you there!

And as always, Brady out out out! Moyes gets a reprieve 😜😜😜.


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