Doddsy’s Forest Awayday RoundUp

18 Feb, 2024
written by Doddsy

Doddsy’s Forest Awayday RoundUp



Well well well.

An early start, after walking the dog, saw me picked up for the 200 mile journey north, passing the infamous five chimneys and into Nottingham. Having to find friends to give them their tickets made life hard, but we found each other outside of Notts County ground and their pub, which was heaving.

We dispersed with nicety’s and made our way over Trent Bridge to Forest’s ground. Back in the 80’s, the Forest firm we’re renowned for chucking rival fans into the river – luckily those days are long gone!

Last year, we were robbed of an easy three points by lots of bad decisions, a missed penalty, a disallowed goal, and two crossbars that saved Forest, but today was are own fault. Yes, Moyes made changes, but the players still looked off it and he had promised us a reaction, which we didn’t get. So, who is to blame, Sullivan, Brady, the players, Moyes?

It is becoming clear that Moyes thinks it’s anyone but him. The man is deluded and if nothing changes we will have another Burnley on our hands – mark my words. The natives (the fans) are restless,  let me give you a flavour of the latest song.

We’ve got clueless David Moyes
He really hasn’t got a fucking clue
Everyone at the back
No one in Attack
This year we’re going to win fuck all

The banner for Moyes out is back, along with another saying out out out! Well, I think his time has come. Moyes out now, I’m not a flip flop, I’ve just had enough! Thanks for everything David, and I mean it honestly, but you’ve taken us as far as you can. Please please, if we were an animal we would be put out of our misery.

Anyway, I will still go as I support the team not the regime.

Brady, Sullivan, Moyes, out out out !


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