Doddsy’s Leverkusen Awayday RoundUp

12 Apr, 2024
written by Doddsy

Doddsy’s Everton Awayday RoundUp




Well well well, let’s start from the back and move forward. So, a two nil defeat is not what the doctor ordered. Although all day in Cologne, everybody was saying they would take a one nil defeat at the time.

I suppose, having done lots and lots of European games, as you know, the deflation is understandable. We’ve played teams and been really poor in Europe away and won them quite convincingly at times, and you get annoyed. However, last night for 80 minutes everybody played their part and we defended heroically, with Fabianski nearly the man of the match in my view. Not bad for a 39-year-old ‘has-been’, not my words but other peoples.

Now don’t get me wrong, and you might see the game different, but Leverkusen are no mugs, and are probably one of the best teams we have come up against. All the hype about them was justified – they are a very good team.

I didn’t know it was the same referee who refereed the England v Brazil game, which probably explains why Lucas didn’t get sent off. The ref had plenty of opportunities against England to send him off, they must love each other! Lucas spent most of last night running round shouting at the ref, and was very lucky to only receive a booking in my view.

Part of me thinks it would have been better if Alvarez was banned next week and instead played in the first leg, with Lucas banned this week and unavailable for the return leg. Generally in Europe, you need to be more defensive in the away leg and Alvarez would’ve given us that, while next week we need to be all out attack, which Lucas gives us. But it’s now tougher with Emerson and Lucas banned for the second game.

Next week is going to be the Alamo, and we need to go out all guns a blazing. There is no point defending anything, it has to be all out  attack and David Moyes not only has to take the handbrake off, he has to rip it out and throw it away.

Anyway, we still have Fulham on Sunday and I suppose the question is will David Moyes now focus on the league, thinking Europe is out the window, especially with strong rumours of Bowen not returning unless he has 23 injections in the injury. Maybe as its do or die they will inject Bowen, like a scene from Frankfurt train station with all those junkies outside.

Cologne was a beautiful city and has the biggest cathedral in Europe. The fans were great and Leverkusen have a fantastic stadium. So, despite the result, it’s another trip that will go down well in the memories and one that will be talked about for quite awhile. As always, copious amounts of alcohol was consumed, and the footballs came flying out in the square, which were kicked high into the sky before landing on tables and clearing out all the beer glasses – if you know, you know.

Germany is not a cheap place to go. We all moan about inflation in the UK but some trips make you realise that we don’t have it so bad on certain things, that being the main thing in most of our lives – alcohol!

I will arrive home at about 5 o’clock tonight, which gives me 24 hours with the wife before I piss off again for more fun, frolics and excitement with the West Ham family.

As ever, Brady OUT and come on you irons!


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