Moyes is Good for Business.

8 Feb, 2024
written by Nigel Kahn


Moyes is Good for Business.


As talk of David Moyes’s contract being extended continues, the debate rages on in the fanbase over whether he should stay or be let go. A sizeable section is dissatisfied with the style of play and won’t shift their stance of “he must go”.

A good size is the same, and believe it would be madness to jettison the man who has delivered the club’s first trophy in 43 years while overseeing a possible third top-10 finish out of four seasons.This debate will continue until either the decision is made and announced on a new contract for him, or he is told thanks but no thanks.

Why, though, would the club decide to get rid of him?

Like it or not, Football is a business now, and businesses live and die on income. Moyes ball is not easy on the eye, and I can see some of the arguments put up by those Ultra Moyes out why they want him gone, but when you face facts, David Moyes has been good for the business of West Ham United.

Brought in late 2019 with the club deep in a relegation battle, he steadied the ship, seeing us through to survival in the covid disrupted season. Keeping us in the PL was good for the business.

In the 2020/21 season, he took West Ham to 6th place, the second-highest position the club has ever finished in the Premier League, and he did it with the most amount of points in a season and only the second positive goal difference while we have been in the PL. In doing so, he qualified for the Europa League.

At the start of the season, the club typically budgets on them finishing in 10th place; in getting us to 6th, Moyes earned the club extra money in the placing prize pool paid out by the PL.

Moyes was good for the business. 

The following season, he managed to take us to the 7th spot in the league while taking us to the semi-final of the Europa League. So again, we earned extra league prize pool money and also the money for reaching the semi-final in Europe and the additional ticket revenue from the sold-out games we played in Europe.

Moyes was good for business. 

Last season, the performances on the pitch were not great at all, which was reflected in our struggle in the bottom half of the season. While in the league, we underachieved; in Europe, it was a different kettle of fish.

The Europa Conference League is the 3rd tier of European Football, and while winning the trophy, we didn’t match the income from the previous season in the Europa League; it was still additional income. Winning the trophy gave us a third consecutive season in European Football, something the club had never managed.

Moyes was good for the business. 

So faced with all these facts, ignoring also that, as I revealed last week in 6foot2, David Moyes is statistically the greatest manager in top-flight football to manage West Ham, would any business be in its right mind to dismiss a manager who was the best the business has had.

If you demand the club progress in the league and become a regular top 6 challenging team, that will only be achieved by bringing in better players. To accomplish that, the business needs money, and currently, the manager in charge delivers football campaigns that bring in the extra money.

If you are Moyes out, I’m not expecting you to agree with my reasoning, but you can not deny that for West Ham Business Club, David Moyes is good for business. I can’t see him being allowed to go anywhere.


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  1. Acknowledged, but all I have to say, which is what I said at the end of my Ferdinand and & Jordan post is :

    There is a possibility that a manager playing positive football could be more successful than Moyes. But, shhh, don’t tell anyone as a lot of our fans haven’t worked that out yet!

  2. And this is the problem. It is a business and most successful businesses are boring and predictable.
    But we are an entertainment business so should be exciting and appealing to the paying public.
    That’s the tricky bit.
    Sometimes business takes the lead, sometimes the product takes the lead.
    We are currently in the business mode. Could Graham Potter do a better job ? Chelsea would suggest no. What about Jose ? I would love it but the board and the majority of the fans would hate it , see Spurs and Man U for more details.
    So basically we are stuck with him until he loses the dressing room or finishes 16th with fuck all to show for it.


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