Our Greatest Managers – Part 6 (The Analysis)

30 Jan, 2024
written by Nigel Kahn

Our Greatest Managers – Part 6 (The Analysis)


So, in my quest to find who is statistically the greatest West Ham manager ever to guide us through top-flight league campaigns, we now move on to the points awarding. Six criteria are being scored.

  • Win percentage
  • Draw percentage
  • Loss percentage
  • Average goals per game
  • Average Goals conceded per game
  • Average points per season.

Whoever has the best record in each criteria receives 15 points and we drop down until whoever has the worst gets 1 point.

The 15 points represent the 15 managers in West Hams’s 124-year history to manage us in the top flight. The Cups are not included in this; they will be covered separately.

The 15 managers are Syd King, Ted Fenton, Ron Greenwood, John Lyall, Billy Bonds, Harry Redknapp, Glen Roeder, Alan Pardew, Alan Curbishley, Franco Zola, Avram Grant, Sham Allardyce, Slav Billic, Pellegrini and David Moyes.



The bottom of the list, scoring just one point, is Avram Grant. It shouldn’t be a surprise as he managed us for the worst top-flight campaign in the club’s history; just seven wins that season gave him a win % of 18.92

Two points went to Billy Bonds, who had two seasons of top-flight football, but the first did end in relegation. His win % was 26.19, Three points to Franco Zola with 30.56%, Four Points to Sham Allardyce 30.7% and Ron Greenwood only scores Five points with 33.09%.

Glen Roeder scores six points despite his relegation season with 33.78%, Slav scores seven, Eight points went to John Lyall, Nine points to Harry Redknapp and Ten to Pellegrini despite his 18 months not being looked on too fondly.

Syd King scored 11 points with 35.98%, an outstanding achievement in his nine seasons in the top flight. Alan Pardew scores 12 thanks to his first season in the. Premier League, he was sacked in his second. 36.36%

The Top Three now:  Third place, scoring 13 points, Alan Curbishley. While some fans complain about the style we played under him, much like Moyes, Curbs still managed 37.10%. Second is the current manager, David Moyes. He has a current win ratio of 39.20%.

Top of the table after the first criteria, Ted Fenton, The man who restored the Hammer’s top-flight status after 25 years, managed a fantastic 39.68% in his 3 3/4 seasons in the top flight.




Respect the point, claimed Sham Allardyce, so let us see who did that the best for us.

John Lyall scored just one point with 16.06%, Alan Pardew, two points 16.36%, and while Ted Fenton may have topped the win percentage he only scored three points with 17.46%.

Pellegrini scores 4 points, 19.3%, Curbishley scores 5 with 20.97% and Six points went to Syd King, 21.69%. Seven to David Moyes 23.3%, Sham scores eight, 24.56%, Harry nine with 26.39% and Ten goes to Ron Greenwood, 26.91%. Roeder scores 11 with 27.03% and Zola scores 12 with 27.78%.

The top 3

In third is Bonzo; his 13 points came with 28.57% and Second scoring 14 is Slav with 29.89%. Top of the draws with an average of 32.43% is Avram Grant, he gets the 15 points.

Our first look at the tables after two rounds. Where points are level, the manager who had the most games is shown higher.

With four rounds still to go, it’s still early days, but Moyes looks good sitting at the top along with Slav. 


1 point to Avram, who had 51.35%
2 went to Pards 47.27%
3 Zola 47.22%
4 Pellegrini 45.61%
5 Bonds 45.24%
6 Sham 44.74%
7 Ted Fenton 42.86%
8 Syd King 42.33%
9 Curbishley 41.94%
10 Roeder 41.89%
11 John Lyall 40.36%
12 David Moyes 39.33%

Top three time again:

13 points go to Ron Greenwood, 39.27%
14 Points to Harry Redknapp 39.03%
15 Points with the best loss record is Slaven Bilic with 35.63%

We are at the halfway point and the top three have opened up a small gap between the chasing back, but there is still a maximum of 45 points to play for, so there’s still time for those below to catch up.


Goals are fun, especially when West Ham is scoring them, but who has the best scoring average over their time as manager?

1 point goes to Billy Bonds, Just 1 goal per game with 84 scored in 84 games
2 points to Franco Zola, 1.125 GPG  with 81 in 72 games
3 points, Alan Pardew with 1.127 GPG with 62 scored in 55 games
4 points to Avram Grant, 1.13 GPG with 43 in 37 games
5 points to Big Sham, 1.13 GPG, 129 goals in 114 games.
6 points goes to Glen Roeder with 1.18 GPG, 87 in 74 games
7 points, Alan Curbishley, 1.18 GPG, 73 in 62 games.
8 points to Harry Redknapp, 120 GPG, scoring 324 in 269 games.
9 points to Pellegrini, 1.28 GPG, with 73 scored in 57 games.
10 points to John Lyall, 1.31 GPG, scoring 652 goals in 498 games.
11 points to Super Slaven Billic has 1.41 GPG, 123 in 87 games
12 points to David Moyes currently has 1.47 GPG, 264 goals in 181 games

Top three spots now

13 points go to Ron Greenwood, who has 1.57 GPG 861 goals in 550 games
14 points to Syd King’s 645 goals in 378 games give him 1.71 GPG

and the manager with the best goals per game record?

15 points go to Ted Fenton with a fantastic 1.91 GPG record. His team scored 226 goals in just 115 games.



The more goals you concede, the fewer points you will score. So, let’s look at what managers left the defensive tactics in the dressing room.  To kick us off, it’s the manager who just scored the maximum points in goals scored; this time, he is at the bottom of the list.

1 point is Ted Fenton, with an average of 2 Goals conceded Per Game. 115 games, 230 goals.
2 points Syd King, 1.89 GCPG 713 in 378 games
3 points Avram Grant 1.84 GCPG 67 in 37 games
4 points Slaven Billic 1.59 GCPG 138 in 87 games
5 points Ron Greenwood 1.55 GCPG 872 in 550 games
6 points Pellegrini 1.53 GCPG 73 in 57 games
7 points Glen Roeder 1.53 GCPG 116 in 76
8 points John Lyall 1.46 GCPG 727 IN 498
9 points Alan Curbishley 1.45 GCPG 90 in 62 games
10 points Alan Pardew 1.44 GCPG 79 in 55 games
11 points David Moyes 1.44 GCPG 260 in 181 games
12 points Franco Zola 1.43 GCPG 103 in 72 games

Top three now

13 points Billy Bonds 1.39 GCPG 117 in 84
14 points Harry Redknapp 1.33 GCPG 359 in 269 games
15 points Sham 1.32 GCPG 151 in 114 games

So, taking another look at the table with just one more round to go, David Moyes has claimed the top spot, but will he remain there? 

All will be revealed next time!


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