The Case For Moyes To GO

29 Apr, 2024
written by AD Hammer


The Case For Moyes To GO

Nigel is making the case for Moyes to stay, so I felt obliged to balance that out with a post about why he should go (Moyes not Nigel). I am not sure Nigel really believes in his case, but more likely feels the need to balance out what seems to be an onslaught of articles in the media about who is replacing him (again Moyes not Nigel).

As I have stated in articles previously, there is no questioning whether Moyes has statistically been successful in his tenure so far. No matter what stats we bring up to prove otherwise, finishing 7th, 6th, 14th and around 10th is not a bad run historically for us and to achieve European quarter finals three years in a row, along with winning one, is a successful period compared to former achievements.

However, that does not tell the whole story.

I fully understand why people who are only interested in results want him to stay, even if for the most part they haven’t been great in the past couple of seasons. However, as much as success seems to be the only means that the mainstream media are capable of judging managers on, I think there is more to consider, which starts with entertainment.

So here are five reasons that argue the case for him to go.

1 – The Football Is Dire

I don’t mind counter-attacking at all, but we start almost every game in neutral regardless of the opposition. We sit so deep and concede so much possession that we are mostly watching other teams play football and our so called counter-attacking is risk-adverse and relies solely on the skill sets of our attacking players having to start from well within our own half. For me, its dull and completely lacks any imagination. When we do have possession and are not playing on the counter, almost every attack goes down the touchline as we are incapable of playing through the lines under this manager. The football we play is similar in style to what some newly teams used to play just to get enough results to stay in the division, but even they have evolved, we haven’t.

2 – He Doesn’t Seem To Know How To Manage A Squad

Football has changed so much in the past decade and he hasn’t. When you are competing in Europe or the later stages of cups, squad management is essential and Moyes seems to have no idea how to rotate players to ensure fringe players are involved and motivated. His failure to use subs is outrageous during an era when you can use five each game. This is not the 70’s for christ sake. We’ve seen many examples of players getting a chance due to injury or suspension and performing well, then not being seen again for a few games – Ings and Cornet spring to mind recently. How does that keep a fringe player motivated? I see some people bemoaning our lack of options on the bench, but when you devalue your fringe players as much as he has they fall low in confidence and morale, which is why we lost three players in the winter window. The apparent lack of options on the bench is totally down to his squad management.

3 – His Refusal To Integrate Youth

His record here speaks for itself. We have the current FA Youth Cup winners in our academy yet he has given less than 80 premier league minutes to teenagers whereby Brighton have given well over 4,000. I’m not expecting him to keep persevering with Mubama, who hasn’t shown much but what about the others? In four and a half years he hasn’t brought through and developed one first team regular from the youth team – thats is a massive fail.

4 – How Season’s Fizzle Out

His reluctance to use a bigger squad, and not invest when we are well positioned going in to the January window, are the reason two of our last three season’s have just fizzled out. His stubbornness has probably cost us a European place this season and in 21/22 it was exactly the same when we were fourth at Christmas and challenging for a Champions League place. Then, the board openly shared that we were ready to spend, but Dithering Dave refused before we dropped to seventh by the season’s end.

5 – His Engagement With The Fans

I think wherever he has been he has divided the fans through his arrogance, some Everton mates of mine cannot stand him as a person. He shows absolutely no humility whatsoever, constantly deriding ‘little old West Ham’ and trying to tell us and the media how lucky we are to have him. He works for owners that have promised us a world class football team and a move for Champions League football, yet he acts like he’s done all of this on a shoestring and we’re the size of Bournemouth.


I could go on, but I would be here all day and night. In my view, two top seven finishes that led to the winning of that trophy are decent enough achievement wise, but he fails as a manager on just about every other metric. Thank you, but time to go!

Also view Nigel’s article The CASE FOR MOYES TO STAY here.



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  1. 6. In 2021 Moyes, said he would need five transfers windows to build a his own team, that was seven transfer windows ago.

    7. Statistically, his squad has regressed since the heights of 2021.

    8. Accepting 30% possession as a tactic means you MUST be able to defend as a team, after 4 years its clear he is unable to achieve this.

    • When you start thinking about it, the list is endless 🙂


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