The Case For Moyes To STAY

29 Apr, 2024
written by Nigel Kahn


The Case For Moyes To STAY

So much speculation in the past week has concentrated on who will replace David Moyes as manager for next season. The press has been concentrating heavily on the names linked with the job. 

Rubin Amorin, Poalo Fonseca, and Julian Lopetegui are three that appear regularly, as well as Sebastian Hoeness at Stuttgart and Graham Potter, who is still unemployed after he left Chelsea over a year ago. 

While much of the speculation has centred around Moyes’ potential replacement, it’s worth considering the possibility that Moyes may continue as West Ham manager for the next season. Despite statements from both the club and Moyes himself, this scenario has yet to be widely discussed.

I admit that much of the fanbase is now happy to see Moyes move on, but David Sullivan is not easily swayed at times by public opinion about the manager he employs.  At the end of his third season in charge of West Ham, Sam Allardyce was far more disliked than Moyes, and he hadn’t achieved anything near what Moyes had. Allardyce, though, was kept on, with D.S. resisting the pressure to sack him. 

Why is there no case for Moyes to stay and be given a new contract? What reasons are there for keeping him? 

With three games to go this season, we still have an outside chance of getting European football for a fourth consecutive season, though that does look unlikely. West Ham, though, does look good to finish another season in the top 10 of the Premier League for the third time in four seasons, something we are not known for achieving. 

West Ham has played in 28 Premier League seasons, and this season is currently the 8th best at this stage in terms of points achieved.

David Moyes has managed us for only four full seasons in the P.L., and as well as this season being 8th best, two of his other three are also in the top eight, a feat only matched by Harry Redknapp, whose three seasons that also are there came after he had already managed us for four seasons, with his highest finish being 10th in that early stage. 

Goals are fun, and so far this season, we have scored 56 goals in 35 games; that is the 2nd highest goal tally for this stage of a Premier League season, the highest being 57 under Billic in 2015/16.

Moyes has three seasons of the best goal-scored across all P.L. seasons after 35 games in the top five. 

  • Billic leads the way in 2015/16 with 57
  • Moyes this season with 56
  • Moyes has third and fourth with 53 in 2021/22 & 2020/21
  • Fifth is Harry, who scored 52 goals in 1999/2000.

If the point of playing football is scoring goals, the David Moyes era of West Ham in the Premier League is the best we have seen. It highlights as well that this season’s struggle has been conceding goals.

Lastly, Moyes has only managed one entire season for West Ham, during which we did not have European football to contend with; that season was 2020/21. That is West Ham’s best-ever season in the P.L. and second only to Lyall’s 85/86 season in victories compared to 38 to 42 league games a season.

Moyes did that by keeping us up after rejoining following the Pellegrini sacking. Maybe with no European football next season and some new defensive signings, that feat could be repeated again. 

There is no way of knowing what will happen next season if he stays or leaves, but I don’t think it is wise to just believe he will not be here. 

Like him or hate him, his time at West Ham has been the best the club has had since the Premier League started in 1992. 

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  1. The 2021 season was incredible, as a lifelong armchair fan, the best I’ve witnessed since the 80’s, with nineteen PL wins, and a record goal tally.

    He, most certainly, raised the bar for this club and the teams performances during that eighteen month period were, for the most part, consistently exceptional, so in hindsight I wonder, how likely it was that either he or the club could sustain those numbers long term ?

    Loyalty to his players was clearly a big trait in his success as he overhauled a squad of lower mid table underachievers, plus Bowen and Souchek, and propelled them into successive European quarter finals and beyond.

    His average finishing position may eventually be eleventh or twelfth place but his win percentage stands alone.

    I cant tell you exactly when I had stopped dreaming of West Ham winning a trophy. My hope throughout adulthood, and I believe a large section of the supporters over fifty years old, has been to see the club finish consistently in the top ten, and there was certainly a case to be made that David Moyes could have achieved this, unfortunately, events have taken their own course.

    So I’m left to thank you very much Mr David Moyes, for an extremely fruitful period in the clubs history while wishing you all the best in your future endeavours.

    PS, you may have to wait a minute but I think you and the Scottish national team would be a good match at this time, although I also suspect your skillset will be in immediate demand overseas.


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