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Your Predictions (And Ours) Brighton

17 May, 2022
written by AD Hammer

Your Predictions (And Ours) Brighton



Last time out Stel and AD Hammer predicted the draw, with AD correctly predicting the 2-2 scoreline. As for Nigel – ‘Ye of little faith’.   

The same goes for 56% of you, who predicted a defeat. 28% of you picked the draw and 14% correctly went for the 2-2.

Please let us have your predictions for Brighton and let us know in the comments why you picked the score you did, or why you disagree with any of our scores.


After the great performance against City can only see us beating the seagulls and claiming 6th spot.

Brighton 1
West Ham 3


Brighton can be like Citeh in possession, but without the goals. If we play like we did Sunday then we should do enough to break the hoodoo and be desperately waiting for news of the final score from Palace.

Brighton 0
West Ham 2


I’m no historian but I understand that Mark Noble’s first senior West Ham goal was against Brighton in 2007. Therefore, he is destined to score his last ever senior goal against Brighton and it will be the winner to secure 6th spot ⚒

Brighton 1
West Ham 2

Your Prediction


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  1. With the performance from the City game still ringing in our ears, the boys will carry that on to the Brighton game. With it being Nobes last ever game, the boys will want to give him a great send off, by getting 3pts, Europa League spot, meaning finishing above Man Utd.

  2. 0-3, go out in a blaze of glory. Enjoy a nice day on the south

    • i almost went for 3-0 but held back as that would be crazy 🙂

    • I went for a 2-1 Hammers win I think we’ll do it to round off a great season. Although I don’t expect this to be an easy win, Brighton have been doing well of late.. Hoping Manure get no more than a draw so we can have 6th place…

  3. I’m afraid I still suffer from West Ham -itis we did well, no mistake there.

    But this is the itis but we usually get beat by this lot, but I think we get a draw. West Ham prove me wrong. Coyi


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