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Your Predictions (And Ours) Frankfurt Away

3 May, 2022
written by AD Hammer

Your Predictions (And Ours) Frankfurt



Well, this is it, two season’s of an incredibly impressive rise will be culminating in an exit at the Semi Final of the Europa league, if we don’t win the tie in Frankfurt on Thursday. An achievement we would have all jumped at when that particular journey began.

But, there is still a the chance of continuing that journey into a major European final and who knows silverware and the Champions League. It’s going to be our toughest test yet – can we do it?

Let us have your prediction for the game at 90 or 120 minutes, and tell us in the comments why you have picked the score you did, or why you disagree with any of our scores.


Season defining, Era defining, Legends Creating West Ham to win. 

Frankfurt 1
West Ham 3

This small squad has run out of steam in the premier after such great early season form. Hoping for another massive EL performance. In truth, going with my heart as my head is less confident – Penalties win.

Frankfurt 1
West Ham 2


Both teams lost at the weekend. West Ham have had almost 24 hours more rest than Frankfurt. An early goal for the Hammers could turn the tide our way.

Frankfurt 0
West Ham 2


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